10 Benefits for your business of having website

Many business owners wonder if having a website is really that important

That is one of the biggest questions regarding deciding whether to start a business with web design. Let me walk you through some of the benefits that a website can bring to your business. Hopefully, that will help you make this decision. Also, you can find out if your existing website has been used to bring you more new clients, therefore more income.

Less than 64 % of small businesses have websites. Only 17 % invest in Search Engine Optimization. And most important: 36 % of business owners believe that their operation is too small to invest in a website. Interesting, isn’t it? The major question is, what is the major benefit of having a website, and how the website can help cuts business expenses? 

Here are the key benefits of the website for your business.

1. Cuts costs

Some businesses can be run entirely online. In that case, having Website cuts all the business’s significant costs: rent, utility bills, staff who take care of the business. There is also a piece of good news for those who can not have an online business. The Website also cuts marketing costs. No need to print flyers; pay for paper advertising. You can use Social Media, redirect your clients to your Website, and your complete offer with a nice visual aspect is ready.

2. Website is a selling point

Having Website it’s not only about contact information. The primary reason for building Website is to focus your customer’s attention on the product and services you are selling. A combination of attractive graphic design and good copywriting is compelling.

3. Builds Credibility

By having Website, your business is gaining credibility. Wondering how? Just think of the situation when you’re looking for a specific service or product. You are checking google to find the Website with the things you are looking for. Also, it helps you understand some services by reading information and procedures. Of course, to build credibility, you need to be sure your Website is up to date, includes current offers, and is responsive. When all of the above is checked, your business looks professional and reliable.

4. Target your desire audience

Having Website opens many digital marketing possibilities for your business. You can use google ads and social media advertising, like Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, to reach your potential clients. Remember: Website promotes your products a hundred times faster than a store-front window display, magazine advertising, and brochures.

5. Showcase your work

It doesn’t matter in what type of industry you are. The Website is great to highlight and showcase your work. You can create an online portfolio, ad customer reviews section, image gallery, videos with your products, services, and even an online tour through your facilities.

6. Brand awareness

The study performed by Versign shows that “84 % consumers believe that small business with Website is more credible than ones without an online presence. It also concluded that 65 % of consumers consider a company-branded email to be more credible than a generic email account such as Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo, Ymail, etc.”. We are living in a technological world; therefore, your business needs a solid digital brand – as well as a site. Website is one of the places where you can create brand awareness. It’s another place to let the world knows that your company exists.

7. Build a Readership

By reading this, you are the best example that this method is working. By publishing news, information, expertise, you can attract more clients. Also, having a blog on your Website is a great way to build your marketing lists. You can use your contacts later to send news, promotions, etc.

8. Stay Current

Website is a great way to stay up – to date. Your clients will appreciate access to all current information about your business on your Website. Remember that some people are not big fans of interaction. For those kinds of clients, your Website is like salvation. There is no need for them to call you. They can just scroll your Website and acquire all the necessary information about your offer.

9. Easy communication

Having business cards it’s helpful, but not for millennials. They believe that less is more, and remember millennials are nowadays in their 30’s, so it’s a high possibility, they are your clients. They love to hangle everything online. Having Website allows them to contact you through the form, WhatsApp, or any other communicator. It’s all about integration. Remember, today’s clients, are more demanding. To keep them with you, you have to meet their highest expectation.

10. Social Media Integration

If your business doesn’t have social media, for some people, that means that you don’t exist. I mentioned above some benefits of digital marketing. If you already have a Social Media accounts, you can easily connect those accounts with your Website. Therefore information exchange between platforms is more manageable, and you can send your clients to the specific content between Social Media Platforms and your Website. Thanks to that you can present your offer, quality etc. through different ways, through all the channels.