You are thrilled to show your website to your clients. Your business looks more professional, and your clients can get to know you and your product/service before reaching you. When a website is designed well, with your clients in mind, sometimes even phone calls or e-mails with questions about the offer are unnecessary because everything your client is looking for is described in detail. 

The website is designed, launched and it seems like you are all set. After all, your website is working. You’ve probably heard or read about website maintenance, but you think there is nothing you want to add or change within your website content, so there is no need for you to consider website maintenance. Having website is also responsibility. Resigning from website maintenance is like resigning from regular car checkout, it’s dangerous.

To help you better understand why regular maintenance is so essential, I prepare few benefits of that service:


Only in 2020, the instances of cyber-attacks rose by 600%. A cyber-attack can be a malware attack or, even worst for your company: a data breach. Your valuable data can be stolen at any time. The risks you take without maintaining the website include but are not limited to:

  –        Injection flaws: The web operates through data transfers and requests. An injection flaw is when a hacker hijacks one of the commands to send untrusted data into the server. Websites are vulnerable to the expose of website takeover.
How to prevent: The best solution is to update, update and once again update. Website maintenance services provide your website with updates that will prevent your website from being attack.

  Broken authentication: When your customers have accounts on your website, their account authenticates during every log-in process to prove that they are who they say they are. That’s how you are keeping their information private. That information can be stolen at any time, and attacker can use your client’s account, and his/her private information.
How to prevent:  Well setup of session management, and website timeouts, multifactor authentication.

  –        Data exposure: If your website is not secured correctly, your clients will see a notification that “this website can’t be trusted.”
How to prevent: only by making sure your website code, URL is well constructed.

  –        Security misconfiguration: Probably the most common risk business websites are exposed to. By using the default configuration and insufficient password protection, you are at risk of security misconfiguration. An attacker can jump to your system by using default usernames and passwords.
How to prevent: make sure your passwords are regularly changed and updated.

  –        Insufficient logging & Monitoring: if your website isn’t consistently logging information and information isn’t being regularly monitored, you won’t know if hackers have broken into your website and even your system. Once attackers access your website, they can easily persist and keep stilling your data or destroying your design and content structure.
How to prevent: to catch aberrant behavior quickly, your website should be monitored, precisely logged. A consistent response can ensure that your website has not been breached. Make sure your website is scanned.

There are only a few security threats that your website can be exposed to. I can write a long list with all the details about each thread, but this article’s fundamental goal is to understand that WEBSITE LEFT WITHOUT MAINTENANCE IS IN THE CONSTANT THREAT OF BEING HACKED AT ANY TIME.
Also, keep in mind that the security measures on your website will help your website rank in search engine rankings.


Only in 2020, t Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is vital for your business. If your website appears higher in search engine results than your competitors, you are more likely to be found by the audience looking for your service/products.  

Of course, you have heard about SEO, but what you probably didn’t know is the fact that regular maintenance improves your website’s ranking as well.
Website maintenance includes technical updates and content updates, and both things help your website score higher.


If your client is forced to wait too long for your website to be loaded, there is a risk that the client might find your competitor’s website with a faster loading speed. Also, website speed is another factor that affects your SEO position ranking.


Your customers have a lot of choices when it comes to businesses on the internet. If you haven’t already done a mobile version of your website, you certainly should do that as soon as is possible. More than 60 % of websites are used through mobile phones. And that is the majority you can not ignore. Remember that your website is not for you, but it’s for your client, and it should be adjusted to your client’s needs and expectations.

Your website should be easy to use for your customers. You don’t want them to be confused while using your website. REGULAR MAINTENANCE ENSURES THAT YOUR BUSINESS WEBSITE IS WORKING SMOOTHLY ON ANY DEVICE, AND ANY SECTION THAT MIGHT BE CONFUSING WILL BE REPLACED AND REDESIGN.


Your clients can choose either you or your competitors. Nowadays, customers are tech-savvy; they know when a website is poorly design or maintained. If they notice that you went cheap when it comes to their experience on your website, and you wanted to save money on web design or maintenance, they will decide to go with your competition. You are sending the message that you don’t care about the comfort and quality you are providing.

When your brand is associated with a poor design and maintained website, you can start loosing your potential clients. It’s essential that you care about clients’ comfort, customer service, and data security. This helps you build trust and credibility, which automatically creates positive brand awareness.

Leaving your website without maintenance will lead to mistrust. Thanks to regular maintenance, you can make sure that your brand is always presented well, and all information, photos leave your clients with a positive experience.

I hope this article will help you understand the essence of website servicing and how many elements make up the effective use of your website's potentials. The website is an investment. It's not enough to have it.