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When starting a business, everyone is motivated by the perspective of a better life. Doing what you love is the first step to success. To make your dreams come true you need determination and right tools. We are here to help you with the last one. We will digitalize your dreams by providing your company with stanning website, digital marketing service and custom software. Make your dreams come true with us.


Our mission is to make your business become chosen over your competition and allow your company’s work continually. Our solutions are designed to enable your business to spread the company’s message 24/7 and optimize business processes and remote services.

our history

We are marriage, best friends, and partners. We always wanted to run a business together. So we decided to unite our skills and create Brilliant agency that combines Marketing and IT services. Nowadays, these two areas are the basis of any business. By synthesizing our strength, experience, and knowledge, we created unique solutions and tools for our brilliant clients.


Founder & CEO

I describe myself as a multipotentialite. I believe that inquisitiveness is the key to mastering many skills. Life is too short to stay focused only on one thing. Thanks to the combination of my skills and a complex way of thinking, I know that I will never run out of creativity. And creativity creates new solutions. I graduated with National Louis University with a diploma in Business Administration and a diploma from the National Music School. Through last year I worked as estimator, marketer, and artist. In my free time, I maintain an active lifestyle, play piano, sing, cook, dance, write, draw, and help during charity events.

Advanced Google Analytics Tools

Advanced SEO

Social Media Marketing

Web Analytics & Digital Marketing

Marketing Strategy

Agile Fundamentals: Including Scrum and Kanban

Business Analysis Foundations

Data Analysis  

Excel Master Certification


CIO & IT Director

I am definitely detail-oriented, double checker. I enjoy research projects that allow me to hunt errors. Analyzing facts and information comes naturally to me. In my personal life, I follow the principle “carpe-diem,” which means “seize the day.” We can not control what happens to us, but we can control how we react to events. This truth is also applicable for business, especially right now, when all we can do is adapt to the new reality. I graduated from National Louis University with a software engineer degree. 

JAVA Developer

PHP Script

CMS Project

Business Application in PHP technology

WordPress Design

Mobile Application Development


Network Security

Database Development





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