Having Social Media for Business is a brilliant way to develop a brand voice, engage with customers, view competition, and advertise.
According to market.us research, U.S users spent about 1 hour and 57 minutes using social media each day.
If your small business doesn’t have a Social Media account yet, you could be missing out on values, for example, reaching out to new customers, showing insights of your company and quality of your work, communication opportunities with your clients.
– Targeting capability
– Building brand awareness
– Brand presence
– Organic advertising
– Building trust
– Engaging with customers
– Opinions & reaction insights
– Humanizing brand
To benefit from Social Media, you need to find the right platform. To determine what platform has the best possibilities for your business, check statistics. Find out where your clients spent most of the time (Social Media Statistics and Facts – Market.us). People go to social media for different reasons, and they have few types of platforms to chose from.
To help you with that decisions, we have prepared a description of few social media platforms.
Remember, each Social Media Platform has different and unique features.


Description: Facebook is a popular social media network with a total number of active audience over 2.7 billion, the age of users is varied. This platform is a good choice for most businesses. When used correctly, Facebook Business Page can be helpful in the growing process for your business.

Content type: You can post almost everything on this platform, from photos to company updates, videos, and links. Facebook allows posting all of the content types, making it difficult to narrow what works best.

Best practices for promoting your business: post a consistent stream of valuable content, respond immediately to customers’ questions, post only good quality pictures and videos, customize your page.

Unique feature: customizable business page, Facebook videos, action buttons.

Audience: 2.7 billion
Largest age group: 25-34 (26.3%)
Gender: 44 % female 56 %male
Average time spend per day: 38 minutes


Description: The best platform for professional networking. It’s a great place to position yourself in a specific industry, showcase your professional achievements and expertise. The platform that allows you to mark your certificates connects with other professionals and finds your clients if your operates as B2B (business – 2 – business). The user’s profile is similar to the resume. You can also join an industry group to share your experience and read other’s expertise. Moreover, LinkedIn allows you to write and share “articles.”

Content type: blogs, case studies, supporting content for webinars, articles, infographic, questions.

Best practices for promoting your business: Invite people to like your page, create contact valuable for your clients, create expertise about your industry, be active on industry group to show that you are up to date with the latest news, and you are willing to grow. Post job offers and information about your employee’s achievements or new hired staff.

Unique features: Certificates, webinars, learning platform.

Audience: 738 million
Larges age group: 46-55
Gender: 51 %male, 49 % female
Average time: 63 % of users access the network monthly, 22 % weekly


Description: This platform is designed for short content, and it isn’t for every business. If you are a highly visual company, you may want to skip this platform. Of course, if you have a strong brand voice, this platform will work perfectly for you.

Content type: People share short text (up to 240 characters), links to blog, videos.

Unique features: hashtags.

Audience: 187 million
Largest age group: 30-49 (44%)
Gender: 32 % female, 68 % male
Average time spent per day: 3.53 minutes


Description: 100 % visually-oriented platforms. People are visiting Pinterest to look for design inspiration, recipes, fashion inspiration, etc. This is not a place to share your business information but will work great to showcase your portfolio or inspire users. The most popular category is DIY, exercise, beauty, design, photography, and fashion. Platform dominated by female users.

Content type: videos, graphics, pictures, iconography.

Unique features: pins (allows to categorize content and “pin” it to the right board), rich pins (which brands are allowed to use to add specific information about products, location, maps).

Audience: 400 + million
Largest age group: 30-49
Gender: 78 % female, 22 % male
Time spent per day: 14.2 minutes

Another platform worth considering:
TikTok, Snapchat, YouTube, etc.

CONCLUSION: Depends on the platform you are choosing for your company, focus on content. Content is the key to success on Social Media platforms. Track the latest trends and news, watch your client’s behaviors and reactions, and listen to what they say about your business and your competition. The most important rule: do not spam your feeds with your offer; add only valuable content with excellent pictures and videos.